POLL: What should my next tutorials cover?

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t personally written a tutorial in awhile, but I’m planning on writing a few in the upcoming months. I want to make sure I cover the material that you would all most appreciate. This is your chance to let me know what you want to learn.

If what you really want to learn isn’t on this list, or if you want to vote for multiple answers, just leave me a comment.

Personally I’m leaning towards the top-down shooter, because I’m getting a bit bored of the other series — but if you all vote I promise to go with the winner.

Thanks for your input,



PS. I’m still looking for guest writers. If you’re interested in giving back to the community by writing a tutorial, email me at as3gametuts@gmail.com

PSS. If you want to be more involved in the AS3GameTuts community, join the forum, here: http://as3gametuts.forumatic.com

20 comments on “POLL: What should my next tutorials cover?

  1. Jr. says:

    Hey Ben, I understand that working on one thing may be a bit boring, but I hope you do get back to the platformer. I vote for the top down. Seems like an interesting topic and I would love to create a game like that.

  2. pytox says:

    Top-down overhead shooter! :)

  3. pytox says:

    Top-down shooter

  4. Will Mahan says:

    How about a quick tutorial showing how to build the basic framework of a complete game (preloader, sponsor, splash, menu, game etc)? In the attempts I’ve made, things work perfectly the first play-through, but after that (returning to Main Menu from Game Over, for example) the audio and animations don’t act right. They don’t play at normal speed, they play when they shouldn’t at all, buttons behave unexpectedly, etc.

    The way I tried it was on the main time line, creating each of those elements on its own keyframe. I’m sure that’s wrong (obviously). From my observations, I’m guessing there should be only one keyframe on the main timeline, but I am having trouble finding a concise tutorial showing this framework. I find plenty showing how to create each of these elements, but nothing showing how to bolt them all together in a functional end product.

    Anyway, that’s my suggestion. Thanks for your tutorials.

  5. Will Mahan says:

    Ok, I guess I’ll retract my previous suggestion. For some reason, the poll didn’t load until after I posted, so I didn’t realize there was a list. I’ve logged my vote. Thanks

  6. Nico B says:

    BTW ,.. You SERIOUSLY need to implement dying and re spawn points for the main character… used your wonderful code to develop a project of mine, but was having serious problems relating to the serious requirements, such as restarting a level when the player dies.

  7. ericdl says:

    Voted for Top Down Shooter, but would also love to see Start Menu/Restart/Winning-Losing.

    Actually, anything you can post would be great as your tutorials have been very clear and helpful thus far.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  8. Graham says:

    I agree with ericdl voted for the top down shooter,but i’ve been working on the sidescroller for a while so would be good to have menus and a winning.losing function just so i can finish the game.

  9. Kent L says:

    They all seem so good … but I’d say finish the platformer now.

  10. Leo says:

    Hey! Congrats for your amazing tutorials! :)
    Sometimes the player passes through the platforms. Maybe you can explain in the future how to fix that. I think that issue with the collisions is something import.
    I also had some problem with the background (wich the position wasn’t the same as the collision walls), also with the parallax I had the same problem – everything out of the place every time I wanted to experiment the game. I put some trees in front of the player and firstly they were flying everywhere… :)
    I voted on the coins because would love to learn how to make a Super Mario kind of game, with places to fall, etc.

  11. Carson says:

    Thx for your awesome tutorials! :D They have helped me solo much! –>

    I think any of these tutorials would be great, but I also think you should definitely do a mini-tut on Music & Sound anyway. That is a main problem that I have wondering about, and if I can memorize how to do it, I’ll be golden. :) Thx again!

  12. samar says:

    I would love to see a top down shooter that is made pretty much solely with classes. I want to work on an rpg and this be a big boost in my understanding of flash. So far your tutorials have been a tonne of help.

  13. Hi Ben. Thanks a lot for these tutorials! I never usually comment or subscribe in webpages but I’m really impressed with your work! I discovered it two days ago and I love it. I’ve been using flash, basically for animation, for many years, but my level of actionscript is very basic. Your website is helping so much. I’m following the plataformer tutorial and I got to step 8 so far. I’d love if you could keep working on it including new stuff to it. For example like in angry birds. the first time you play you see In the frame one some icons of locked doors, and only the first door is unlocked, meaning you can only access the first level. Then, after you complete each level, everytime you play you can see the doors open and can go play directly in the ‘door/level’ you left it the last time… I don’t know if I am being clear… my english is not too good…
    Anyways, keep it up! I bookmarked your page and will be coming back often.

  14. John says:

    I would like to see something like flashdevelop implemented into the tutorials.

  15. Dreamonic says:

    Voted for the top-down, but expansions for the sidescroller would also be very nice ^^ btw, Robokill is an awesome game! :D

  16. Arash says:

    Hey guys,

    I found a super useful tutorial/video on action script 3 and really good explanations, but unfortunately the guy just stops making any new after doing such a good job of the introduction (It feels like all of these guys/girls doing these tutorials are just playing with our hearts :S ).

    So check this out and see if you can catch up a thing or two :D


    And this one as well

    (For AS 2.0)

    And keep up the good work Ben! Hope to see more from you soon!

    • Ben Reynolds says:

      Thanks for sharing. I hope to write some more tutorials soon too :-) Just feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but I’ll get back to the tutorials, hopefully soon.

  17. Mohammed says:

    Hey Ben :-)

    please go on with the platform game! Isnt there a prettier way with the collision? Im not done with your tutorials but my player oftens go throu the parts of my background…and in your game it happens too :-( no way to fix it?

    still such a goooooooood tutorial !!!!!!

    • Ben Reynolds says:

      Hi there! Thanks for the feedback and your enthusiasm about my site :-)

      I really do want to keep working on this and write some more tutorials… I’ve just been overwhelmed by work for the past few months. I hope to finish the tutorial eventually, and your feedback is motivating me to keep working :-)

      As for the collisions, one simple way to improve it, a bit, is to add more hit test points. There are other ways to improve it, like checking for detections “between frames”, but really the only simple way to make a perfect system is to make it tile-based, which this game isn’t, but you can read more about online.

  18. Bex says:

    I love the tutorials and i have a pretty good looking game now! Please continue with the platform tutorials as i REALLY want to learn more :)

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