News! Birthday, domain name, stats, and more!

This is the final month of this site’s first year. That’s right, next month, on March 5, AS3GameTuts is turning 1! (Feel free to wish us a happy birthday!)

Thanks to all of your amazing support over the past year. With little advertising at all, this site has been viewed over ten thousand times since its creation, mostly during the past few months.

Check out the graph of the site views over the past year,with February only 6 days under way.

If you’ve visited this site before, you would have seen the URL listed as

But check it out — we now have a brand new domain name:

You can think of this as marking the graduation out of the “beta” version of the site :-)

The first year has been great, with 3 tutorial series and a couple of extra posts thrown in for fun. But the next year will be much, much greater for AS3 Game Tuts. Stay tuned for even more tutorials, including the conclusion to the platformer, a turn-based RPG, an overhead shooter, an overhead adventure (think classic Legend of Zelda), as well as a plethora of mini lessons, extra tips, and maybe even some guest posts. Stay tuned. (I’ll try to keep to this promise… if I’m falling behind, feel free to give me a gentle reminder.)

The goal of this site is to help you all learn to make the games you’ve dreamed of creating. Hopefully my choice of tutorials which I plan to write accomplishes this, but if there is anything you would like to know, I am completely open to suggestions and requests.

So please, if there is anything you wish for me to write about, or even if you just have a general comment or suggestion about the site, fill out the following form. Thanks!

7 comments on “News! Birthday, domain name, stats, and more!

  1. Renz says:

    Nice Ben :D and Advance Happy Birthday to AS3gametuts!! I will continue supporting this site.

  2. uzz says:

    I will support this site as well, good job and good luck!

  3. Michael says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ll always support this site as well as you bro!! Keep it up!! All those game tutorials sound epic!!

  4. Дмитрий says:

    Удачи! Отличное начинание! :-)

    Edit: Translation:

    Good luck! A great initiative! :-)

  5. sinjun says:

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Oso says:

    Thank you for this project! Good luck!!

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