News! AS3GameTuts Discussion Board

After some debate, I’ve decided to create a discussion board for

It’s a simple, free forum, but I think it will do a good job at expanding the “comment” sections of this site.

You can find it here:

Hello Everyone, and welcome to AS3GameTuts’ new discussion board!

When I first started the AS3GameTuts website, I had only a few readers, and so it was easy for me to answer everyone’s questions, and respond to each comment individually. But now, the number of comments and support emails I am receiving is making it impossible to give everyone the attention I’d like to. This forum is how I’m attempting to solve this problem.

By creating an open, shared, easily-navigable discussion board, I am hoping that you will all have an easier time finding answers to your questions. Maybe you will find that someone has had a similar problem to your own, and found a solution. Or perhaps you can help another reader with a problem of their own.

This is also a great place to hear the latest news about the site, and to leave me a suggestion about future tutorials you would like to see written on AS3GameTuts.

Anyways, thanks for all your support, and welcome to the forum!


Please join the AS3GameTuts community on this discussion board, and let me know what you think!

Ben Reynolds