Getting Started with AS3: The Absolute Beginner ~Part 2~

This is part 2 of 2 of the Getting Started with AS3 series. Click here to view part 1.

OK, so we’ve covered variables, event listeners, and functions. Now let’s check out the code that actually does stuff.

“Action” Code

The final part of code we are going to look at right now is what I call the “action” code — the code that actually does things. Now, in a game, what we could do with action code includes basically anything you can think of: you can move and animate objects, perform calculations, manipulate variables, call functions, and “trace” out data to your output window, just to name a few.

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Getting Started with AS3: The Absolute Beginner ~Part 1~

So you want to make flash games, but you’ve never written a line of code before?

Don’t worry, this is just the place to learn how. Instead of getting caught up with complicated terms, and code that doesn’t do anything cool, we’ll jump right into the basics and then get started with some real, working game examples. Other websites might go into more depth on fancy code, but the point of this site is games. And the best way to learn games is to learn from experience. Continue reading